Welcome to the new EBS website!

Following the retirement of the platform that hosted the EBS website at New York University, the Society has a new web home. It looks a bit more modern, but as you’ll see from the tabs above, all the elements of the old site are here.

Find a link to the current newsletter at the lower right of this page along with several other useful links. The newsletter is also at the Archives tab along with links to past newsletters and to conference sites (complete with conference programs and photos).

At the Join or Renew tab, find a link to download the current form for joining or renewing.

The announcements page is now in the style of a blog, which (among other things) makes it much easier to include images! Please feel free to send any news you’d like to contribute to Martha Driver (at mdriver@pace.edu) and Martha Rust (at martha.rust@nyu.edu). You’ll see now that there are announcements of EBS members’ recent publications … and more!

Last but not least, you can follow this site by clicking on the “follow” button in the extreme lower right corner of this page.

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