Seventeenth Biennial Conference of the Early Book Society,  July 12-16, 2021

“Precarious Lives: Loss, Recovery and/or Survival of MSS and Early Printed Books, 1350—1550,” Bangor University, [Virtual] Wales, ONLINE

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This conference interprets the theme “Precarious Lives: Loss, Recovery and/or Survival of MSS and Early Printed Books” narrowly and broadly, though always with reference to the history of MSS and books from 1350 to 1550 and their material culture. Why do some texts survive? Who are their readers or makers? Topics will include evidence of borrowed books or lost books, books or libraries reconstructed from mentions in wills, and MSS and books that clearly derive from a lost original, as well as medieval libraries that are still in existence. Other subjects for consideration will be texts that exist only in a singular form but seem to refer to a lost source (lost and found?) or the examination of fragments in bindings or elsewhere. Images are also considered texts, and pictures copied from models no longer extant are another theme to be discussed. MSS and books from outside Western Europe and/or which place Western European MSS and books in dialogue with those from other parts of the globe and other cultures will be discussed as well.

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