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New Book by EBS member Orietta Da Rold: Paper in Medieval England: From Pulp to Fictions, by Orietta Da Rold

The Early Book Society is pleased to announce the publication of member Orietta Da Rold’s monograph, Paper in Medieval England: From Pulp to Fictions (CUP, 2020)( ).

Orietta Da Rold provides a detailed analysis of the coming of paper to medieval England, and its influence on the literary and non-literary culture of the period. Looking beyond book production, Da Rold maps out the uses of paper and explains the success of this technology in medieval culture, considering how people interacted with it and how it affected their lives. Offering a nuanced understanding of how affordance influenced societal choices, Paper in Medieval England draws on a multilingual array of sources to investigate how paper circulated, was written upon, and was deployed by people across medieval society, from kings to merchants, to bishops, to clerks and to poets, contributing to an understanding of how medieval paper changed communication and shaped modernity.